2007 a New Year emerges.

Well I will just wish you all a good year, and hope that the next will be even more interesting than the one just passed. Both personal and what ever might come of interesting things that we didn't think of.

Well anyways thanks all for a good year, and now on to a more productive year.

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Days of recreation

We sat out the day of the ninth with the Zoological museum in Paris as our target. Near Porte Doree are the gardens that would hold the creatures of attraction for the day.

We had a long day walking around the different areas in the zoo, we went up inside a big fashioned mountain, 60m in height that would let us look out over Paris and the nearby areas and forest. If we weren't tired before, we were after the massive climb up the stairs inside the mountain. Taking some time to catch our breath and behold the areas around the mountain we saw a small refreshment kiosk not to far away which we made our next target.

After some refreshments, we moved on our exploration to get to see all the creatures they had in store. There were a lot of areas where they didn't have any creatures; it looked like some had been without creatures for some time.

The visit to the zoo was over and when went over to the nearby park and just had some shuteye for a few before we thought of moving on. We ended with going to the Botanic Gardens, nothing worthwhile of what we saw in regards to it being a visual experience. But with the camera the Macro function was needed to be explored and a couple of ok pictures did it come to.

The tenth it was just a take it really easy day. It was my birthday and not much were to be done this day; my friends brought me a Jack Skellington figurine (Nightmare before Christmas) for my present, and it was put up immediately amongst my other figures. The evening consisted of some console Guitar Hero and what we had with a couple of beers, as I had invited the owner of Le Kilt, the nearby pub.

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A day down memory lane

Yesterday we had a person MIA, well one of the guys didn't have the best encounter with some things eaten and decided to stay home to be fit to fight again.

However in 2 hours from start we had been given a parking fine (11 euro), driven to Velizy 2, bought a camera, eaten some pizza, and moved out towards Paris again. Well the Camera first of were thought to just be a simple camera with no special to it than being able to take pictures, but standing there knowing that my video camera wouldn't be over for some time, and I've thought of getting one of those small cameras for when going out, I told myself, what the hell it is time to indulge yourself and buy a pre birthday present. So I bought a camera that is small and seemed like a good buy for what you got.

Armed with the battery that came with the camera (Not recharged) and a new 512mb memory stick it was time to take on Paris once more.

We started off by driving around trying to find a parking space but decided to move into one of the parking areas underground, our initial destination, Notre Dame. Moving from the car park we headed fast for the first Cafe we could come to and sat down to lay out the battle plan for the day, and for me shooting a couple of pictures with this new gadget I had gotten my hands on.

Moving towards Notre Dame crossing some of the small streets we ended up looking at some retro gaming icons, no apparent reason why they were put up on two different streets near each other, but something we didn't explore to its fullest.

Then it was on to Notre Dame, looking at the great monument that is on the mini isle rising itself, seeing the tourists moving in and out or sitting in the sun to catch a few rays and some breath is always worth to stop and admire. An older man was showing off his bird affection by attracting birds to him in swarms. Well ok he used bait but still it is special to watch.

Bastille was the next stop, a big roundabout, an Opera house and a lot of people, well ok today it might not seem like much, and what was more interesting to watch were the skateboarders that drove around a nearby area showing off some moves and practicing.

Our battle plan was now to move towards George-Pompidou Centre and from there head to Le Halles at Montorgueil. The Pompidou was something that really toke you out of the Parisian old house atmosphere that you had come to see in the streets we had walked these days. A big block with that was filled with series of tubes on its sides, might this be the internet. Moving over to Le Halles my mate could tell me that we had now been walking through his past memories from old times when he last were in Paris.

Well at the moment, not much is needed to spark my fondest memories from my living in Paris, seeing a pub called The Great Canadian or hearing songs like Billy Idol "Rebel Yell", all helps bring back memories of not long time passed here. But isn't that just one of the great things with how we work, to be able to trigger memories like that. I know that now whenever I think of this pub my memories follow up and I remember some more from my little Canadian visit.

The day ended with some Tex-Mex and a car pack bill for 22 euros for 8 hours parking. They do know what to take for such services.

Today is another day and we will be moving in to Paris once more and see what we can explore, so hope you enjoy the little summaries of what is going on, though they tend to be a bit long it is also a whole day of new experiences and senses that have been discovered.

More pictures from the tour can be found here

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Napoleons' grave and back again.

Then it was a trip to the city of Paris that we went for yesterday. The weather was nice and we thought it would be a good day to go outside in and see some of the exterior sights. However the day came to a point where the heat were rising, and inside museum watching might just be the good break from walking from shadow to shadow on the streets.

First stop was Invalides Musee L'Armiee, where you can see such things as the grave of Napoleon, the story of combat and equipment used through history, a bigger walkthrough of both WWI and WWII. One thing though that was really interesting was big dioramas that displayed different forts, castles and villages all over France. These dioramas impressive in itself; were actually not just made within the last couple of years to show of how the constructions of the citadels were, but was dioramas that they actually used to plan out the defense strategy with. Knowing how far each cannon could fire they could set up scenarios and know exactly how to fortify against different attacks. Maps bah who needs maps when we got it all in 3D.

Then we moved towards the Champs Elysees, a fun thing to see it once more now with not that many people but far more cars on it. We went on to the Virgin Megastore to find some music we could be playing in the car while driving from destination to the next, French radio sucks. After some time inside we came out with out bounty, a broad enough selection ranging from Mercyful Fate, Kraftwerk to Johnny Cash. We made a quick pitstop at the Quick not that far from the store.

First we take Arc de Triomphe and then we head for the Tour de Eiffel. At the Arc we had one of those good to have pauses from walking around like a madman in a blazing head, sitting under the Arc was welcomed, and we spend some minutes just relaxing. When we were about to leave these old veterans of war were about to start some ceremony, we waited and watched the small seance.

From there we had a goal that could bee seen from most of the open areas in Paris, the Eiffel tower. After a brisk walk we came to Place du Trocadero where we pit stopped for some refreshments and looking at the people walking by. The night was about to hit us as the sun were heading down and the air would be cooling down. We moved through the Trocadero towards the now full visible Tower, some performers had set up on the big plaza doing some break dancing.

The Eiffel Tower one of those Tourist things that just needs to be done if you are in Paris, were more waiting in line and not that much the big enjoying of the view. Yes we went all the way up just so it was done, and it was the best time we did it, just when the city was taken over by the neon lights and the cars were two eyes that ran through the many streets of Paris. We came we saw and we went down again, to some what impressed more about the actually construction of the tower, and with the question how fast did the 2nd elevator care actually drive up to the top. 100 seconds it toke, but we couldn't find the height.
Before moving back to Versailles we found a nice little place along the way to our car where we could indulge ourselves with a great steak and some nice desserts.

I hope to be able to bring you some pictures over the next couple of days, as we do have a camera phone with, but it isn't the best, but still the best we can provide.

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Tour de Chateau Versailles

Over the last couple of days a couple of my friends, Peter and Lars, came down to visit for some days. Yesterday we went Parlys 2, a big shopping area near Versailles. We needed some standard things like another air-bed and some general grocery. After a couple of hours walking around looking at the mall and getting things we needed we returned to Versailles and toke a walk on the grounds of the Chateau. It is impressive to just walk around the lake that has been made in this huge garden. There is no doubt that what we see know is only a mere version of how impressive it was back in the days of the sun king, however it is still more than enough to get an idea of how it might have been to visit the Chateau back then.

After a good 2 hours walk we ended up at the locale bar, le Kilt and spend most of the evening there having a taste of the brews he offers, and talking to some of the other people that came along.

The conclusion of an exhausting day had come, but I will need to go there again when I get my camera back. (Yeah my camera have just been to the technical support in Denmark for some maintenance, and from what I heard there were some things that was needed exchanged for it to work again)

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90 percent ultimate gamer

There was a post to a quiz on games at Kotaku.com, I couldn't say no to not try out the quiz just to see how much I could score. This of cause meant that if I scored high the quiz was OK if I scored low it sucked. So first try was a 90% smack down. To be honest it is an ok fun thing, but you can't try again and get new questions. Test your own game knowledge here

You can see more on what it is at youtube
or on the projects homepage at labs.live.com
there is also the original research project with a live demo at University of Washington

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A most welcome drop of rain

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The Tour is over

When I arrived there I saw a couple with some Danish flags on one of the chairs they had been living in Paris for some months now and had been living in France for a bit over a year. Later on more danes came over that had just come to France to watch the ending.

For more pictures visit the gallery

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Kotaku news

I sent in a tip yesterday on a subject that had been up and running with the Prey environment and it having what looked like a vaginal opening as a door at some point in the game. Well while I was browsing through the endless amount of Dead Rising pictures (really looking forward for that one for my Xbox 360) I found something similar, and as a long time reader seldom tipper I thought why not send them this, if they thought it would be worth it they could add it.
Today when I woke up started my morning browsing, behold on Kotaku a news strip from yours truly.

Kotaku News Link

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Wine in bottles!!!11 OMG WHAT?? lol

Yeah ok wine in bottles might not be that big a deal, you might even think; what is he on, please share. But no this is in fact something that called for the Uberness of the use of word abbreviation OMG.

Story first then clarification.

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Castle de Mike

This Thursday I went with some of my work buddies to Paris to see Underworld 2 and to get some computer things from the big Chinese area where there are only computer shops.

Until next update, see you all and have fun.

Mike signing off from the land of the blinking crosses (Damn where are there a 7/11 when you need one)

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